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Lieutenant Kalos Ibraxol

Name Kalos Akoito Ibraxol

Position Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 46
Birthdate 12/15/43
Birthplace Rixx, Betazed

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11" (183cm)
Weight 141lbs (63kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Light brown
Physical Description Kalos is lean and well-put-together, putting a great deal of care into his appearance, grooming, and hygiene. He has sharp features. His hair is very curly and near shoulder-length - he usually pulls it back in a braid or bun of some sort. Has a small scar running down and to the right from the corner of his right eyebrow to his cheek.


Significant Other Atukh Korr-Keragh; Klingon civilian, fiance. Atukh went missing in 2385, and is presumed dead.
Children None.
Father Dr. Ilzin Taimral; Diplomat, Betazed Ambassador to Romulus
Mother Captain La'ranna Ibraxol; Diplomat, Captain of the diplomatic envoy U.S.S Dallas
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) Lieutenant Commander Elishanna Kalani Ibraxol, M.D; Ship's Counselor aboard the U.S.S Fort Worth
Other Family Maternal grandmother; Dr. Devrala Akoito Ibraxol
Maternal grandfather; Captain Kalsun Ibraxol, retired Starfleet Captain
Sister-in-law; Commander Lucianne James; Asst. Chief of Engineering aboard U.S.S Fort Worth
Niece; Kalani James Ibraxol, 11

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kalos is, at first glance, an ideal diplomat - quick with a smile or a sympathetic look, seemingly open and amicable, and painstakingly thorough with research and background checking before a diplomatic mission. And these first impressions are, for the most part, accurate - like many Betazoids, Kalos is relatively open emotionally with those he feels he can trust. He's also keen on social cues and proficient at reading the room, especially with the aide of his telepathy.
However, what he passes off as being thorough is actually a tendency towards being neurotic and a workaholic - Kalos often spends the night before any given convention, delegation, or meeting up late, obsessing over minute details to avoid making any faux pas or minute error. In his early diplomatic career, an overly nitpick-y mentor who tended to emphasize the negative over the positive cemented an overly self-critical viewpoint.
The near-obsessive care in his appearance also carries over to a sustained effort to appear professional and 'diplomatic' at all times - to the point he actually has difficulty unwinding and de-stressing enough to relax or enjoy his downtime. Despite his tendency towards being somewhat up-tight and neurotic, once he relaxes enough or gets around the right person, he's actually a very companionable Betazoid - especially if you can get him talking about a subject he's passionate about.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Linguistic talent. Significant experience with the Romulans and the Dominion and their language/politics. Very capable with social cues, 'reading the room', picking up cues on mood and similar factors through both telapathic and non-telepathic methods. Can even get a fair read on the general mood and feelings of species he cannot read through body language.
Weaknesses: Extreme reluctance to ask for help - was taught that to ask for help is to admit inadequacy, and that to be anything but completely self-sufficient is a personal failure. Tends to freeze when presented with things that remind him of his trauma. Can often be irritable, particularly when he is sleep deprived (which is often). Prone to psychic sensory overloads - being around many psychically 'loud' people, so to speak, can make him irritable/snappy and give him migraines, nausea, and fatigue.

Ambitions Kalos wants to advance in the Diplomatic Corps and Starfleet at large, and become a diplomat who will be remembered by history for making a lasting positive impact on the politics and relations of the Gamma Quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests Linguistics. Passion for theatre and performance, especially Klingon Opera and old-Earth theatre. Plays the violin. Enjoys swimming and diving, often does so in the holodeck. Recently took up cooking and baking.
Languages Spoken Fluent Federation Standard; Fluent Romulan; Fluent Dominionese; Proficient Vulcan; Proficient Klingonese.

Character History

Personal History Kalos was born on January 23rd, 2343, in the city of Rixx, on Betazed. He was the son of diplomats, and from a young age loved the 'glamor' he believed to be inherent in the life of a diplomat - later in his Starfleet career, he would look back and wonder how he ever looked past all the stresses of it as a kid. Much of his father's family died when he was young, with the exception of his father, in a string of murders on Rixx. While Kalos was academically promising, he tended to neglect topics like math or science as a child in favor for social sciences and linguistics.

His parents were, despite their best intentions, neglectful, both emotionally and, to an extent, physically - while he went along with them on most diplomatic missions, oftentimes he was ignored in favor of their work, or left him with his maternal grandparents (who were very attentive during the short periods he was able to spend with them). He attended Starfleet Academy at the age of 18 in 2361, and remembers his time at the Academy fondly. He participated in many extracurriculars such as fencing and drama/theatre, and while his marks in science and math were around the average, he excelled in history, social sciences, and diplomacy. He was a member of Starfleet Academy's Cadet Diplomat Program (somewhat like old Earth's student government/model UN programs), and was voted student president of the organization in 2363. He also lagged behind somewhat in physical sports - while he was a proficient fencer, he'd always been a bit underweight and lanky, and this didn't change in the Academy.

After his graduation, he served on the U.S.S Judith, a Miranda-class diplomatic vessel working in and around Romulan territories and with the Romulan government. He attained fluency in Romulan language quickly while aboard the Judith. However, the intended 8-year diplomatic mission was cut short by the Dominion War and its' preceding tensions. Kalos and many of the Judith's crew were transferred to ships like the U.S.S Ozark in late 2370, serving on the Dominion Warfront with the Federation's diplomatic efforts with the Dominion and its' conquered planets.

On August 20th, 2375, Kalos, along with 6 others, were captured as hostages when diplomacy failed with a Dominion vessel. He was held until December 2nd, 2375, at which point he and two others were able to be rescued. For eight months after his rescue, Kalos was on leave from active duty in Starfleet to pursue psychiatric treatment (although he didn't feel he needed it after the three-month mark, believing himself to be perfectly fine, despite a diagnosis of PTSD).

Kalos was permitted to return to active duty in early 2378, contingent upon his meeting with a licensed Starfleet mental health professional biweekly. He assisted on miscellaneous diplomatic voyages and detachments, and travelled/served aboard many a Starfleet ship - although he spent the longest on the diplomatic and exploratory vessels U.S.S Roth, Romania, and Celt. He met a Klingon by the name of Atukh Korr-Kenagh aboard the U.S.S Romania - he was the civilian brother of one of the officers there. The two hit it off for the eight months that he was aboard the Romania, and quickly became romantically involved. In 2384, they got engaged - a momentous event. Despite his family's initial odd feelings about their son marrying a Klingon, they quickly grew to love Atukh. However, in early 2385, when Atukh was travelling to Q'onos, the civilian passenger ship - the S.S Rigel - Atukh was aboard disappeared in transit, and is suspected to have been ambushed and destroyed while travelling. Kalos was devastated by this news, and the workaholic tendencies he developed earlier in his career came back out in full force as he threw himself into his work to try and forget the loss of Atukh.

Until 2388, he generally operated as a member of the Diplomatic Corps, going where Starfleet thought he would be needed and travelling with diplomatic teams or attaches to high-need areas. He most frequently found himself in the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. In 2388, when the Romulan homeworld was destroyed, Kalos was amongst the Starfleet personnel and Diplomatic Corps members dispatched for aide. He was selected for this due to his previous experience working with the Romulans, and found the work fulfilling, sympathizing greatly with the Romulan peoples.

In 2389, Kalos was reassigned from relief efforts at his request: he grew anxious staying in one place for too long, and felt that the routine he'd fallen into was connected too much to the loss of Atukh, preventing him from beginning to heal or move on. He requested to be transferred to a vessel, and the Diplomatic Corps granted his request. He was transferred him to the U.S.S Sentinel in light of his background dealing with the Dominion during the Dominion War and afterwards, and his relevant skills.
Service Record 2361-2364: Attending Starfleet Academy, graduating in 2369.
2365-2370: Diplomatic Corps - U.S.S Judith
2371-2375: Diplomatic Corps on Dominion Warfront - U.S.S Ozark
2376-2377: Medical leave after traumatic experience during Dominion War. Permitted to return to active duty in late 2377.
2378-2387: Diplomatic Corps service - among others, served for the longest stints as part of diplomatic attaches aboard the U.S.S Roth, U.S.S Romania, and the U.S.S Celt.
2388: Dispatched as part of Diplomatic Corps for aid and relief efforts after destruction of Romulus.
2389: Reassigned at a request to be transferred to a vessel rather than a stationary position. Transferred to the U.S.S Sentinel.

Player Background

Previous Experience D&D + TTRPG experience, particularly through PBP games.
Admin + cofounder of U.S.S Saragossa Discord Trek RP server (est. late July 2019), co-storywriter w/ one other admin. Currently play Captain Marlowe A. Rosenthal.
Where did you hear about the USS Sentinel? I searched on Google for Star Trek RP forums and sites, and it popped up as a search result.

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 9, Room 22-7