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Lieutenant Robert Kowalski

Name Robert Kowalski

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28
Birthdate 5.5.2361
Birthplace Anath III colony

Physical Appearance

Height 179 cm
Weight 78 kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color green
Skin Color caucasian
Physical Description lean and sporty,
three-day beard


Father Charles
Mother Cecilia

Personality & Traits

General Overview Robert is a very helpful person and he can be quite selfless when it comes to helping others. This is also probably the main reason why he decided to become a doctor.
He is also driven by his curiousness. So it was only logical for him to join Starfleet and become a Medical officer on a starship.
Here he is able to combine both his urge to help people in need as well as scientific and medical research.
He tends to be impulsive and a bit overenthusiastic, which is one character trait he has tried to work on.
This is also due to the fact that his father was strictly against him joining Starfleet, so he is very eager to prove to him as well as to his father that it was the right choice.
Robert is also an optimistic guy which is sometimes just put up not trying to accept failure - one of his greatest fears.
Robert is a hard worker and you can often find him in his office working late. Apart from working he likes sports as it helps him to work off stress and to clear his mind.
Sometimes he tends to be vituperative especially if something is bothering him.

Robert doesn't have many belongings as he has never really been attached to material things. This is reflected by his quarters. The room is usually quite plain and simple with only a handful of special decoration items. Most of the items he keeps in his room have a special meaning to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + hard worker
+ helpful and selfless person
+ optimistic
- fear of failing
- sometimes too impulsive and overenthusiastic tending to bend rules a bit
- can be vituperative
Ambitions trying to help others
being out there doing new research
Hobbies & Interests working
Languages Spoken Federation Standard

Character History

Personal History Robert was the first child of Charles and Cecilia Kowalski who have a farm on the Federation colony Anath III. He had a carefree childhood.
As he grew older he helped his father on the farm, so it came as a shock to his father when he finally told him he planned to leave Anath III to join Starfleet Academy. His father was strictly against the idea, because he thought of the future of the farm. But his father's refusal did not discourage him – actually quite the contrary. With the support of his mother, his father eventually allowed him to apply to the Academy – although he still hoped that he would not be admitted or would fail. This encouraged Robert to always give his best – which did not really mean that he did not enjoy his cadet years.
At the age of 18, Robert enrolled at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.
His academic performance was very good, which was mainly due to the fact that he worked very hard as he was also very eager to be one of the best. It was at that time that strong, black coffee became his favourite drink.
After the Academy, Robert was assigned as medical officer to Starbase 124. It did not take long before he was moving up the ladder and became Assistant Chief Medical Officer when the position had to be filled.

When he saw the chance to apply for Chief Medical Officer on the USS Sentinel, he went for it.

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