Lieutenant JG Logan McQueen

Name Logan McQueen

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Character History

Personal History Born into a Starfleet family, Logan spent many years with his parents exploring the galaxy. By 2366, his father was a senior security officer on a frontline base close to the Cardassian-Federation demilitarised zone and his mother was a command officer on the base.

There had been no question that Logan wouldn't join Starfleet, and at the age of eighteen he returned to Earth and started at the Academy, majoring in Engineering. Having always had a 'knack' of fixing things that others only saw as being unrepairable, Engineering was the obvious career path. However, in his second year, the Dominion War started and his parents found themselves in the front line.

In 2371, just after the end of his third year, Logan received the news that his parents had been killed during a Dominion attack on the base. At first he was worried about his young sister Lana, who had been with his parents at the time, but soon received word that his sister was safe and returning to Earth. With no other family to take care of Lana, Logan was forced to stop his Academy training indefinitely to look after Lana.

Three years passed, whilst Lana grew up, and in 2374 Logan returned to the Academy to complete his training. It was during his final year that Logan was noticed by Starfleet Intelligence, who persuaded him to switch courses and offered him a posting at Starfleet HQ when he graduated. As well as the Intelligence courses, Logan also took additional courses in alien technologies and advanced piloting.

After graduating, Logan took up the offer to work at Starfleet HQ, which meant that he could remain close to his sister until she was old enough to look after herself. However, events took over and in 2379 Logan was asked to go on an away mission that took him to the area beyond the nebula known as the 'Briar Patch'. He left in a small vessel with three other Intelligence officers and nothing was heard from them for over three months. The vessel returned to Federation space in early 2380, with only two survivors, both in stasis and the vessel on autopilot. The details of his mission and the year after his return are classified and compartmentalised. What is known is that Logan lost his right eye, which was replaced with a cybernetic device.

After a year, Logan returned to active duty and moved from Intelligence to Security, gaining a promotion to Full Lieutenant. He was re-assigned to Utopia Plantia where among other things he was overseeing the security during the upgrades of the New Orleans class vessels. By now his younger sister had entered Starfleet Academy and Logan now felt that he could relax and enjoy his career. In 2383, the first of the upgraded New Orleans class vessels was ready to leave and Logan was assigned to the USS Taurus as Security Officer.

After two years of exhaustive testing, the USS Taurus was finally re-commissioned, and Logan received a promotion to Chief of Security onboard the Taurus.

In 2389 Logan transferred to the USS sentinel as a security Officer with the rank of Lieutenant (JG)
Service Record 2368 - 2371
Starfleet Academy.
(Leave of absence granted 2371)

2374 - 2375
Starfleet Academy
Completed final year,

2375 - 2379
Starfleet Intelligence
Assigned as an Ensign to SI in Starfleet HQ

Starfleet Intelligence
Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG)

2379 - 2380

2380 - 2381
Recovered close to the Briar patch.
Taken to Starfleet Medical to conversless

2381 - 2383
Starfleet Command
Assigned to Utopia Plantia
Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2382

2383 - 2385
USS Taurus
Assigned to USS Taurus as Senior Security Officer

2385 - 2389
USS Taurus
Assigned as Chief Security Officer.

USS Sentinel
Assigned as Security Officer

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