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Lieutenant JG Alexander Mitchell

Name Alexander James Mitchell

Position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28
Birthplace Baltimore, Maryland, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 187lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color Caucasian
Physical Description Alexander is tall, standing 6'2" in height and lean with brown hair and hazel eyes. His lean frame is the result of a minimum of two hours a day spent swimming for the past twenty years. Mitchell alternates between going clean shaven and simply trimming his facial hair, what his sisters describe as 'designer stubble'.


Father Captain Nathan Mitchell, M.D. (Retired)
Mother Captain Judith Mitchell, M.D. (Retired)
Sister(s) Lieutenant Clara Mitchell
Lieutenant j.g. Elizabeth Mitchell

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexander prefers to be called Xander rather than Alex, but is reluctant to explain the reasoning for this. Xander is a confident, some would say cocky, young officer; typical of many pilots. That confidence has taken a knock in the past year, not that one would know is because his outward demeanor is still one of confidence and cockiness. He is generally friendly, though he can be standoffish (particularly if someone calls him Alex) on occasion and often uses sarcasm, which tends to be deployed at inappropriate times. Alexander is a career Starfleet Officer but is not the model 'spit and polish' Starfleet Officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Friendly
+ Loyal
+ Hardworking
+ Skilled Pilot

- Cocky
- Sarcastic, often at inappropriate moments.
- Occasionally standoffish
Ambitions While he explains that the move from flying fighters to flying capital ships is temporary, the truth is he is unsure if he will ever return to a fighter squadron. As such he is re-evaluating what he wants to achieve in the future.
Hobbies & Interests Alexander’s biggest passion is flying; his second biggest passion is swimming. He was part of swim teams at high school and during his time at the Academy and he continues to spend time swimming on the holodeck. Xander also enjoys spending time in the gym. His more sedentary pursuits include; playing the guitar and reading political and military books.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Klingon (Rudimentary Knowledge)

Character History

Personal History Alexander James Mitchell, AJ to his family, was born in Baltimore, Maryland to parents who were both Starfleet Medical Officers. They were loving, but often one or the other was absent due to the demands of their Starfleet Careers. While they had hopes of his following them into the medical profession, even if he didn’t join Starfleet, Xander knew that a medical career wasn’t for him. Instead he developed an interest in flying from an early age and as he grew older knew that a career in Starfleet would provide the best opportunity for that.

Originally his dream was to fly capital ships and find himself at the helm of one of the new Galaxy-class starships but during a flight demonstration he attended when he was in high school, his dream quickly changed to fly fighters and he focused his efforts into earning the grades to attend the academy with the aim of becoming a fighter pilot.

When he was in high school, he decided to teach himself to play the guitar and while he enjoys playing it to unwind, he isn’t confident enough in his abilities to play in front of others. During the two years of the Dominion War, Alexander had to live with his grandparents while his parents served on the frontlines of the war.

He was always, and continues to be, fiercely protective of his younger sisters. While he found them annoying at times, especially when he was trying to spend some alone time with boyfriends during his later teenage years, he loves both sisters deeply and would do anything for them.

When he turned 18 in 2379, with the Dominion War just ending, Xander applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted, beginning the journey towards his ultimate goal. He found adapting to the more rigid life in Starfleet fairly easy and, not being a social person, was not easily distracted from his studies. In the second year Alexander did start dating a fellow cadet, Sebastian Jones.

Alexander graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2383 with a bachelor’s degree in propulsion systems engineering, was commissioned an Ensign and assigned to a fighter squadron embarked onboard the U.S.S. Ashdown. Within his first year he was promoted to Flight Leader. Outside of his regular duties, Alexander began taking a distance learning course in law within weeks of his graduation.

After two years on the Ashdown, Alexander was promoted to Lieutenant j.g. and assigned to the U.S.S. Mountbatten as a Squadron XO while continuing his legal studies. He spent the next four years on the Mountbatten, proving himself a skilled pilot, though very sure of his abilities. His tendency to showboat meant that he was disciplined on several occasions.

In 2389 he completed his legal studies and qualified as a Starfleet Judge Advocate. As a result, the CAG assigned him additional duties as Wing Legal Officer, helping those members of the Air Wing who required legal advice and assistance. Little did he know that in a matter of months that he would himself be in need of legal counsel.

Returning from a Combat Air Patrol, he made a manual landing, which was normal for the pilots of the Mountbatten. During the landing, a stabilizing gyro failed and Xander wasn’t able to maintain control. The fighter crashed onto the flight deck. He broke an arm and a leg in the crash. Worse, a member of the deck crew, Crewman Paul Collins, was killed in the mishap.

The aircraft mishap board determined that Alexander had been negligent in his checks performed prior to the flight. He was charged with negligence and court martialed. As the trial proceeded, new evidence came to light that proved the stabilizing gyro had suffered from a previously undetected fault that occurred during fabrication. Lieutenant Mitchell was cleared of all charges and returned to his Air Wing.

The whole experience, though, had seriously knocked Alexander’s confidence and his belief in his own abilities. He considered resigning his commission and searching for work in law, with his new legal qualification but was talked out of it by his CO, Commander Murphy.

The Commander reassured the young Lieutenant that he was a skilled pilot, that the mishap was no-one’s fault and that he shouldn’t throw his career away so hastily. Murphy recommended that, if Alexander was serious about taking time away from Air Wings, that he should spend time at the helm of capital ships, which would allow him to keep his flying skills sharp, while allowing him to develop all new skills. Alexander agreed and was quickly issued new orders to report aboard the U.S.S. Sentinel as her new Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer.
Service Record 2379 – 2380
Cadet Freshman Grade – Flight School
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2380 – 2381
Cadet Sophomore Grade- Flight School
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2381 – 2382
Cadet Junior Grade – Flight School
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2382 – 2383
Cadet Senior Grade – Flight School
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2383 – 2383
Ensign - Fighter Pilot
U.S.S. Iron Duke (Akira-class Starship)

2383 – 2385
Ensign - Flight Leader
U.S.S. Iron Duke (Akira-Class Starship)

2385 – 2387
Lieutenant j.g. - Squadron Executive Officer
U.S.S. James Lovell (Typhon-class Starship)

2387 – 2389
Lieutenant j.g. - Squadron Executive Officer
U.S.S. James Lovell (Typhon-class Starship)

2389 – 2389
Lieutenant j.g. – Squadron Executive Officer/Wing Legal Officer
U.S.S. James Lovell (Typhon-class Starship)

2389 – 2389
Lieutenant j.g. – Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Sentinel (Intrepid-class Starship)

2389 - Present
Lieutenant j.g. - Chief Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Sentinel (Intrepid-class Starship)

Academic Qualifications
BSc Propulsion Systems Engineering

Player Background

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 3 | Section 7 | Cabin 51
Data Access Level 3
Security Clearance Beta-One
Duty Shift Alpha