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Lieutenant Titus Fabius

Name Titus Quintus Fabius

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Magna Roman (Human varriant)
Age 32
Birthdate 2356.05.11
Birthplace Cisalpine, Neo Gaul (Magna Roman)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 220 lbs.
Hair Color Black (buzz cut)
Eye Color Black
Skin Color slightly tanned white
Physical Description Titus is an imposing man of great statue. He is well muscled, tall and broad shouldered. he has an intimidating look about him and when he walks it is in a military march style almost everywhere. He wears his uniform proudly. He takes great care to always make sure his uniform is pressed. When in combat situations he goes armored whenever possible.

When off duty he wears a simple red striped tunic,cloak and sandals. He can be often found drilling with his men in the holodeck or drinking in the lounge.


Significant Other Julian Cato (deceassed)
Children None
Father Qaestor Claudius Fabius
Mother Juno Fabius
Brother(s) Tribune Lucius Fabius
Tribune Marcus Fabius
Other Family Ardlina Fabius (Lucius Wife)
B'Van Fabius (Vulcan, Marcus Wife)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A hawkish and sometimes brutish man, Titus was part of Magna Roma's defensive forces when a conflict with the Kzinti broke out. Magna Roma sent legions to help the federation stop the fighting. He was a veteran of the XIV Alpine Legion. They were not bound to certain rules that the federation was bound to.

After the "defensive campagin" was over he returned home and was honored with a promotion from First Spear to Centurion. He was then transfered from Homeguard operations into Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Battle Hardened: Titus has fought in many away missions and even a war or two, He has nerves of steel and never backs down from a fight. He also thinks strategically and with tactical insight that others may miss.

Natural Leader: He is known to give inspirational speeches and shows great leadership as needed. He is loyal to both his men and the standard he serves.

Religious: He worships the Roman Pantheon which is considered esoteric and downright backwater by some of the more evolved species of the Federation. He believes his family to be descended from Mars, he considers him to be his household god and has a small statue and shrine to Mars in his quarters.

Military Mindset: Even when off duty, he is never truly off the clock. He uses ranks, formalities and will even salute if given requests by personel higher ranking then he is.
Ambitions He desires his own command one day, failing that to return home after a long career and be elected to the Senate.
Hobbies & Interests Games: He loves to play board games. 3D Chess, Risk and the card game War are his three favorite things to play. He is a fanatical player of such games and hones his skills for relaxation and to help him think.

Avid Reader: He reads classic literature mostly greek and roman authors and considers himself a Stoic.

Swordplay: He keeps in shape by going to the holodeck in full armor and shield and does holo recreations of famous battles of the Magna Roman conquests.
Languages Spoken Italian,Latin, Federation Standard, Kzinti and Vulcan

Character History

Personal History 2384-2388 Attended Academy for Men, Graduated with Honors
2388-2390 Magna Roman Honeguard Training
Service Record Served in the XIV Cisalpine Legion
Promoted to First Spear
Kzinti Conflict, Promoted to Centurion
Transfered to Starfleet Academy
Graduated Starfleet Academy with Honors
Midshipman Cruise USS Victory
Posted Security Officer USS Starchild
Transfered USS Boston
Posted Ast. Tactical Officer USS Boston
Dominion War Veteran, Loss of USS Boston
Transfered USS Thunderchild
Promoted to Chief Tactical Officer
Transfered to New Bajor Outpost, Military Advisor
Served New Bajor Outpost
Transfered to USS Setinel , CTSO

Player Background

Previous Experience USS Adams, Chief Intel Officer (Defunct Sim)
SB118 Russ Heston (left Sim due to politics)
Tabletop Gamer
Star Trek Online
World of Warcraft
Where did you hear about the USS Sentinel? Got asked to join by the lovely Kaylah my housemate.

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