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Lieutenant JG Zanna Rem

Name Zanna Rem

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half Betazoid
Age 24
Birthdate 22
Birthplace Alpha Centauri

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color green
Skin Color pale
Physical Description Shoulder length red hair that she keeps pinned up, she has freckles. She is average height and curvy. When off duty she prefers to wear soft, feminine colors. She enjoys lavendar scents and wears a perfume based on it. She has quick reflexes and when she walks she seems to always be in a hurry. She always has a smile on her face.


Significant Other None
Children None
Father Garth Rem (deceassed, Human)
Mother Rixxa Rem (Minor Noble)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) None
Other Family Bralt (Bolian valet who has worked for the family for nearly a century)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Soft spoken and cheerful. Zanna is honest to a fault and really just wants to be part of something greater then she is. That was why she choose starfleet. She is at her heart a hedonist. She enjoys baked goods, a good game, a fun holonovel. She has a love of music and long hot baths. Her favorite song is Seven Wonders by Stevie Knicks.

She is a very gifted pilot, graduated top of her class, she however has a note on her record which can either be seen as a reprimand or as a testament to her skills, on her Midshipman cruise aboard the USS Roundtree an Oberth class vessel, it was sent to map out a dual black hole. during its mission she took a bet that she couldn't "skip" across the gravational pull of the twin collapsed stars. She took the bet. She was sucessful.

That scared some of the senior officers, but the crew was impressed. After that she was sent to a Captain's Mast and got a lecture that scared her to no end. She was forced to perform the manuever in the holodeck to prove it wasn't a fluke. Though the Captain had rigged the simulation so she would fail. It resulted in the death of the crew and the ship.

That terrified her and scared her into never wanting to break regulations ever again. She requested safe postings since. She went back to doing the Mars-Earth run shuttling officers. She later took a posting to the USS Northland as Chief Shuttle Pilot. After an attack by some rogue Klingons she took the Conn and impressed the captain so much he recommended her for Department Head Training. That led her to being selected to the Setniel. Not for great experience but because she was a good officer who followed the rules.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Quick Reflexes, She has a very high manual dexterity rating from honing it while playign darts and simulations as a girl.

+ Skilled Pilot: She cut her teeth as a cadet doing the Earth/Mars shuttle run. During her Cadet Cruise she impressed the entire crew by flying the ship within gravational pull of a black hole then out.

+ Empath: She can sense emotions if she touches somebody. She can also detect surface thoughts if she concentrates though this causes great mental and physical strain.

- Code of Honor: She operates under a code of honor and conduct about usage of empathy, telepathy and even her behavior. She won't read without consent under any circumstances. To do so is a violation of her culture.

- By the Book: After her stunt as a Midshipman she had it drilled into her to never break regs. This is something she will alway follow. She is not hesitant to make her protests known in log entries or refuse to comply with unlawful orders. This makes her seem inflexible while on duty.

- Fear of Being Alone: This leads her to socialize as often as she can. When she is off duty she is in the lounge until she can barely keep her eyes open. She hates the idea and carouses and parties her butt off.
Ambitions Her short term goal is to survive long enough to make a good impression on folks, Her long term goal is to find a mate and raise a family. She likes the idea of a higher rank, but promotions or demotions will be earned. The idea of one day exploring unknown regions of space appeals to her greatly.
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys relaxation, in all of its pursuits. Lovemaking all the way to taking a relaxing meal. She always dresses nicely, loves fine music, fine wine and lives by the idea that when she is off duty life is a party. Its the one thing that isn't governed by rules or ethics.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Bolian

Character History

Personal History Graduated Univeristy Alpha Centauri, AA in Liberal Arts
Service Record Graduated Starfleet Academy
Cadet Cruise- USS Rountree
Posted Shuttle Pilot U.S.S. Northland
Promoted to Flight Officer USS Northland
Department Head Training- Conn
Bridge Officer Certification
Transfered Navigational Officer USS Sentinel

Player Background

Previous Experience USS Enterprise-F (Defunct, Transporter Chief played)
USS Rhodes (Again defunct, XO and G.M)
Year and years of tabletop experience.
Where did you hear about the USS Sentinel? I found a link to it on an advertisement site for games looking for rpers.

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