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Lieutenant JG Jinnisu Tripathi

Name Jinnisu "Jen" Tripathi

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 27
Owner (if NPC) Lt. T'sa
Birthdate July 18th, 2362
Birthplace Orion

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 132 Lbs
Hair Color Matte Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Skin Color Light, Gentle Green
Physical Description The first and most crucial details to note about Jinnisu, are her marks. Two nearly identical scars run down the back of her neck, on either side. The scar tissue is a gentle shade of green, far lighter than the surrounding skin. Her hair is likewise cut short, to emphasis them. They are not a point of pride for her, per se, but they are important to her identity, her history. Her eyes are a dark shade of brown, practically black. They are deep, discerning; and the corners of her lips turn upward slightly.


Significant Other N/A
Father Unknown [Biological]; Aruna Tripathi [Adoptive]
Mother Mirri [Biological]
Sister(s) - Devika Tripathi. 10 years old, Half-Orion and Half-Human.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jinissu is a determined, intelligent, and sociable person. She's easy to get along with but doesn't back down from disagreement, especially if her feelings on the matter are strong. She can be exciteable but tries her best to be a realist. It's much safer in her line of work.
Hobbies & Interests Jinissu has a love of old classics; The older the print date, the more interesting she'll find it. She has a collection of novels, ranging from Earth to Betazed, and always tries to expand on it.
Languages Spoken English [Fluent]; Orion [Fluent]; Klingon [Broken]

Character History

Personal History Most of Jinnissu's early life is simply a blur of colour.

She was born, moved from household to household as her Mother was traded to new masters, always oblivious to the danger she was in, the dark motives of the people around her. She can recall her Mother's lullabies, how gentle she was with her, even though her wounds had only just begun to heal.

Her real memories only begin to take form on the night they escaped. Jinissu was only eleven at the time, but she knew it was stay silent and be quick, or die. She kept her eyes forward, grasping her Mother's bloody hand tightly as she saw guards sweeping the compound, yelling in words harsher than any language she knew.

Clearer still, are the days aboard the refugee ship. With no warp drive, the journey away from Klingon space was stressful and lengthy. Jinissu found herself side by side with many other children of the refuge nation - Klingons, Orions, Gorns, Ferasans, etc. They played games of chase in the halls, make-believe in the cargo bay, stole shiny objects from the Ferengi traders the Captain said he hated - then were made to give those objects back.

Of course, all good things have their climax, and the worst is yet to come. A few days before Jinnissu's thirteenth birthday, with the consent of her Mother, she was restrained, and cut open. The skin of her neck was pried apart, and what she would later learn to be her pheromone glands, were removed from her body, by a pair of back alley Gorn doctors. She screamed the entire time; blood-curdling, bone-chilling, shrieking.

It takes little of her now to understand why her Mother wanted those glands gone before she could hit the age of puberty, but at the time... it was much more confusing for her. When they were finally granted refugee status in Federation space, Jinnissu was fourteen, and slowly but surely, the memories become blurred again. She was raised by her Mother, and eventually, her Step-Father, Aruna. He was a Botanist, and a man she didn't entirely like at first, but then again, most children don't like the people who flirt with their parents. He sparked her interest in the sciences and promoted her attention toward the medical field. She studied independently before applying to Starfleet academy, by shadowing one of her Step-Father's colleagues, Dr. Rillalo Uza.

Jinissu applied twice to the Academy before she was accepted, and the rest of her career has been quite cookie-cutter, up until her reassignment to the Sentinel.

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