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Lieutenant Sodek Targus

Name Sodek Gilbert Targus

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 3/4 Human, 1/4 Vulcan
Age 32
Birthdate January 3, 2357
Birthplace Vulcana Regar, Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 190#
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color Caucasian
Physical Description Sodek, Dek to his family and few good friends, got the coloring and height from his Vulcan grandfather along with slightly pointed ears. He’s stronger than the average human, but not completely outside human limits without looking particularly muscular. He keeps his hair a bit long but brushed back. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion usually: a smile or frown is something of an extreme reaction for him in public.


Significant Other None
Children None
Father Errol Targus (54), xenobiologist
Mother T’Lara Targus (deceased), trade negotiator
Brother(s) Quinn Targus (23) half-brother, Star Fleet Academy Cadet
Sister(s) None
Other Family Corina Targus (48) stepmother, UFP Diplomatic Corp

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dek is extremely good at what he does. He is a consummate professional on the job. Outside his job, he's a bit more enigmatic to those around him. As much as he would like to join in and have the easy banter and friendships that seemingly come so easily to others, he struggles to do those things. Typically, he just withdraws from situations which would require that kind of interaction.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Methodical: Dek tends to think things through before acting if at all possible. He doesn’t let that stop him from acting quickly in emergencies, but even then his actions tend to show more foresight rather than being reactionary.

+ Creative: Whether it’s finding a way out of a dangerous situation or planning a date, Dek is not one to limit himself by thinking inside the box.

+ Loyal: Dek would do anything for those who have earned his loyalty.

- Socially awkward: While Dek is no Vulcan, he also isn’t one who easily shows his emotions. His mother, while only half Vulcan, was raised more in that culture than in Human culture. After she died, his father did what he could to make sure Dek learned about that half of his heritage, even sending him to Vulcan schools for a while. This has made Dek a bit too reserved to fit into Human culture while not nearly stoic enough to fit into Vulcan society.

- Workaholic: Dek has thrown himself into his work. The clear rules and requirements make interactions much more clear and simple for him. This has led him to spend much more time than necessary there.

- Withdrawn: Because of the problems he has connecting easily with others, Dek tends to avoid too many social situations. It’s not that he doesn’t want to socialize, he’s just no good at it. He is fine in professional situations, just not personal ones.
Ambitions Dek enjoys his job, and he is good at it. He wants to overcome some of his anxieties and make real connections with his shipmates, and perhaps even make a deeper connection with just one person.
Hobbies & Interests Dek works out a lot when not on duty. He practices several martial arts, runs, swims, rock climbs, etc. He’s a very good cook. He enjoys cooking but finds it isn’t as fun anymore without people like his family around to cook for. He also enjoys reading and singing when alone in his quarters.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard (native)
Vulcan (native)
Romulan (conversational)
Klingon (basic)

Character History

Personal History Dek was born in Vulcana Regar, his maternal grandfather’s home city on Vulcan, and was named for the man. It had been important to his mother, T’Lara, as she’d lost her father not long after becoming pregnant with Dek. And if there were one thing you could say about Dek’s father, Errol, it was that if it was important to T’Lara, it was important to him. Dek sometimes wonders how different his life might have been had all of this not been true, but such speculation is illogical, as so many of his teachers told him over and over again.

Dek’s early years were spent between Earth and Vulcan, with a few stops in between, as his parents’ careers kept them moving quite a bit. That all changed when Dek was 6 and lost his mother in a freak shuttle accident. Dek’s father took a teaching position near his own family in the Northern California region of North America on Earth while dealing with his grief. Doing what he thought T’Lara would have wanted, he enrolled young Dek in one of the Vulcan immersion schools in the area around San Francisco. He did well initially as the structure and language reminded him of his mother. As he grew, Dek began to diverge more and more from his more purely Vulcan classmates.

Adding to the stressors in young Dek’s life, his father remarried and had another child, Quinn. Dek liked his stepmother well enough and felt a strong protective streak toward his new baby brother, but the training he was receiving in school made it hard for him to bond naturally with them. It was as though he knew there were rules relating to how he was supposed to be with them, and he could mimic the behaviors he was supposed to exhibit, but the doing and the being didn’t quite connect for him the way they did for others.

By the time young Quinn was ready to start school, it had become clear that the Vulcan school was no longer the best option for Dek. His father decided it was time to transfer him to one of the more diverse public schools in the area. Unfortunately, putting a young man trained in the Vulcan manner who was just hitting puberty into a school full of young people, mostly human, who had been raised to navigate such a school worked out just about as well as it sounds like it would. Dek struggled to find friends and make a place for himself. He did develop a few friendships with some of the more picked on students, though. His enhanced strength and his protective streak meant that he more often than not ended up intervening in those instances. He never allowed the confrontations to escalate to violence as he was still too much of a Vulcan pacifist by nature, but he didn’t mind surprising more than a few aggressors with his strength by physically lifting them away from the other students they targeted and letting that display serve as a silent warning.

He did well enough academically. The Vulcan school had certainly more than prepared him for those challenges of a regular school, but he faltered socially. He spent most of his time studying or doing more solitary activities like running, rock climbing, swimming, and such. He did manage to develop a couple of lasting friendships from that time, though. His friend Sarah who was also a bit of a loner, preferring to spend her time writing poetry to partying, and his friend Colin who was the first person Dek stepped in to defend. It turned out that Colin hadn’t actually needed defending, though. He’d grown up the youngest of four boys who’d developed a taste for the martial arts. Together they’d made the bully regret several of the bad decisions in his life. Colin, Sarah, and Dek became a tight-knit trio.

Sarah got Dek to start writing poetry of his own. None of it was very good, but it helped him to start pulling out parts of his life and processing them. Looking back he realized that this was probably what kept him sane long enough to mature into someone who could manage to function semi-normally in society. Colin introduced Dek to martial arts, though he later realized that he’d been trained in a form of Vulcan martial arts which they’d branded a type of meditation at his old school. Dek was intrigued by the idea of martial arts and began studying several different forms. He also introduced Dek to the practice of dating. After a rocky start where Dek had no idea that Colin was expressing interest and Sarah had a minor freak out about how this would screw up their trio, Coin and Dek ended up dating for almost two years. Ironically, after graduation Coin and Sarah ended up going to the same university, started dating, and later married. Dek seconded them both at the wedding.

Dek came to realize as high school graduation neared that while he was certainly intelligent, his calling was in a more active direction. He was physically strong and fit, and he had a major protective streak. He was certain some sort of law enforcement was where the future would lead him. He happened to get into a conversation with a Starfleet Academy recruiter at a college fair at his school, and the woman brought up the topic of Security. That clicked with something on a deep level within Dek, and he immediately applied.

At the Academy, Dek was still more socially awkward than most of his classmates, but he improved a bit considering there were cadets from all across the Federation there. He was no longer the ‘odd’ one at school. He made a few friends and dated occasionally, but he mostly devoted himself to his studies. He was a whiz at the Security related things like combat, tactics, survival, and the like. In other classes, he did well, especially in the areas of math and science. He also found that he had a strange affinity for theater and singing.

He now believes that all the years he spent observing ‘normal’ behavior in order to imitate it gave him a natural acting ability, and the fact that he had a strong singing voice was just a bonus as far as he was concerned. He participated in several plays and musicals while he was a cadet hoping that forcing himself into close proximity with others would improve his social skills. While he did make a casual friend or two, and even ended up dating a castmate for a few weeks once, he still tended to keep others at arm’s length. He forged a fairly strong bond with a lab partner, Porna, he kept teaming up with in several classes, though. The two were each other’s support system through their time at the Academy.

Porna was posted as an ensign on a science vessel while Dek’s first posting was with security on the starbase Porna’s ship was attached to. That made their transitions into service much smoother than they might have been. Dek’s intelligence combined with his tendency toward pacifism where possible and his Vulcan-like calmness under pressure allowed him to progress quickly through the ranks. After two years there, he was transferred to the USS Armstrong for an exploration mission. The constant challenge of new worlds and new people kept him busy and truly content in the knowledge that he was doing a good job. He was promoted to leading his own team of Security officers after his outnumbered group of peacekeepers defended a settlement of colonists from Nausicaan raiders using some well-placed rock slides and warning shots from high ground. He made it look as though they were a much larger force encouraging the raiders to withdraw. He later transferred to the USS Hood to serve as the Assistant Security Chief.

His most recent posting, to the USS Sentinel, looks to be his most challenging yet. Now he’s not just leading a single squad, but the entire department. He’s looking forward to proving that Starfleet’s faith in him is not misplaced.
Service Record 2375-2379
Starfleet Academy

Ensign, Security officer
Starbase 23

USS Armstrong
Lt. j.g., Security officers

USS Armstrong
Lieutenant, Security Team Lead

USS Hood
Lieutenant, Assistant Security Chief

Lieutenant, Chief of Security
USS Sentinel, Chief of Security

Player Background

Previous Experience I’ve played in probably a dozen or so games over the last 15 or so years. Some were even in the rough old days of bulletin boards and dial-up service if memory serves. For the most part, they have all been Star Trek or Marvel based with only one or two exceptions.

Duty Information