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Ensign T'Sha’err

Name T'Sha’err

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 39
Birthdate 4/1/50
Birthplace Raal, Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 116 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Olive
Physical Description T'Sha’err stands several centimeters shorter than the other members of her family, and although very fit, might be considered somewhat more curved than is the seeming norm for the Vulcan phenotype. As is the custom of many Vulcans originating from the Rall provinces, T'Sha'err has allowed her hair to grow long (almost to the small of her back), as was the custom a century ago, rather than taking it in a "bowl cut." When on duty and in company, she customarily wears it in a bun.


Significant Other None
Children None
Father Samuch
Mother T'Samud
Sister(s) T'Sir

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Sha’err conducts herself in the same staid, stoic fashion that most Vulcans do, though in conversation, she does occasionally engage in
Strengths & Weaknesses T'Sha'err, in her personal life at least, prefers things to remain static. When confronted with a change, she will balk at adapting to the change until she has had time to study it.

In her scientific inquiries, however, she can be very adaptable (in the opinion of some of her more stodgy colleagues at the Vulcan Science Academy, too adaptable)

Though primarily interested in micro- and high energy physics, T'Sha'err was considered the most approachable and flexible of the members of the VSA's mathematics department, and would often serve on interdisciplinary teams and work groups in different fields, ranging from archaeology to zoology. Though she would definitely not consider herself an expert in any of these subjects, she did become well-versed enough in them to discuss them intelligently, and even suggest a course of action from time to time.
Ambitions To eventually return to Vulcan and continue her academic career.
Hobbies & Interests Marine mammals
Sand yachting
Suus Mahna
Languages Spoken Vulcan

Character History

Personal History The third daughter of two local teachers, the naming of T'Sha'err after a distance ancestor and prominent Vulcan mathematician (the one who would provide the proof that that no three positive integers a, b, and c satisfy the equation an + bn = cn for any integer value of n greater than 2) almost ordained that T'Sha'err would become a mathematician herself.

Not that T'Sha'err did not have other interests growing up. Growing up on the shores of the Voroth Sea meant that she would develop an interest in numerous "sea related" interests, from hydrology to marine biology. But mathematics would become, if not her first love (since that would be allowing an emotion to master her, rather than the other way around), her primary interest and focus.

Almost from the day she entered the Vulcan Science Academy, T'Sha'err would earn the reputation of a maverick. Not in her personal life, certainly. Other than certain 'provincial customs,' T'Sha'err was almost the embodiment of Kolinahr. It was her mathematical advances that would mark her a revolutionary (or rebel, depending on your point of view). Her contributions to quantum graphing in the realm of microphysics brought her a certain amount of prominence in Federation academic circles, although she considers her mathematical description of E-infinity high energy physics to be more significant.

Regardless, the (relatively) young Vulcan mathematician was invited as a visiting professor to Cambridge University and, while there, gave a few guest lectures at Starfleet Academy on the subject of multi-spatial mathematics.

It was while lecturing at the Academy that T'Sha'err started an unusual friendship with one Lieutenant Rebecca "Becca" Thatcher. Becky would introduce T'Sha'err to the sport of Sand Yachting, an activity which T'Sha'err would find very compelling. Becky would also argue that even a short stint in Starfleet would expose T'Sha'err to experiences that would improve her "Mathematical Mojo," as Beck would describe it. T'Sha'err found Becky's argument illogical, but could not fault the potential truth behind it. So T'Sha'err opted to enter OCS and then a career in Starfleet.
Service Record 2359 -- Officer Candidate School
2359 -- USS Sentinel

Player Background

Previous Experience I've written in the past as a Chief Engineer and an Engineering Specialist, and am presently writing as a Chief Science Officer, as well as a candidate in screening on the USS Trent

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