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Lieutenant JG Tarsi zh'Enis

Name Tarsi zh'Enis

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 29
Birthdate Late 2360
Birthplace Alrond

Physical Appearance

Height 186cm
Weight 78kg
Hair Color Alice Blue
Eye Color Azure
Skin Color Powder Blue
Physical Description Tarsi zh'Enis is of normal build for an Andorian woman in prime condition who engages in extensive regular exercise, including weights training. She wears her hair fairly short, and slicked back. Her face is somewhat angular and her jaw fairly square, and she could be easily mistaken for a shen.


Significant Other None
Children None
Father Tira ch'Enis (dec.) and Grathaa th'Enis (dec.)
Mother Shoni sh'Enis (dec.) and Bryni zh'Enis
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None specified; presumed grandparents and a number of cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tarsi is a young Andorian tactical officer with four years’ service in Starfleet. As an Andorian, she is typically passionate, brave, cool under pressure, and honourable, as well as having a natural inclination towards using applied violence as a means to solving problems. Her Starfleet training has tempered her naturally aggressive inclinations, but she can still be prone to bursts of temper and violence, especially where the Borg are involved.

She possesses a dry sense of humour and is prone to sarcasm. Her stubbornness can also make her come across as argumentative, and she may have issue with receiving orders whose purpose is neither evident nor explained. This has led her to get into trouble for mild insubordination on the past, and she has been on report more than once during her career so far.
Strengths & Weaknesses Acute senses - as an Andorian, Tarsi possesses aural, visual, and olfactory acuity that is greatly superior to a human. She also has a greater awareness of subtle changes in atmosphere and temperature.

Strength - Andorians are significantly stronger than humans, and are capable of lifting double their own body weight without serious risk of injury.

Natural Warrior - Andorian history and culture is full of war, and they live and breathe violent combat. Every Andorian grows up trained to fight, and Tarsi has the added benefit of Starfleet officer combat training on top of her heritage and upbringing.

Emotional - Andorians are a passionate race, and while they are disciplined soldiers their emotions can at times get the better of them, especially when loved ones are at risk, or where the Borg are concerned.

Cultural Racism - For many reasons, Andorians are not fond of Tellarites and find them difficult to get on with.

Partial Exoskeleton - Andorians have cartilaginous pads and plates under their skin that offer additional protection to their internal organs.

High Metabolism - Andorians tire more quickly than humans, and also need to eat more often. They are also more vulnerable to phaser-based damage.
Ambitions Tarsi aspires to one day captain her own ship.

She would also like to learn how to play a musical instrument but keeps finding reasons not to, usually claiming she's too busy.
Hobbies & Interests Tarsi prefers the stimulating effect of katheka over the refreshing qualities of fridd. While she also enjoys drinking Andorian ale, she is always careful to consume it in moderation and loathes getting drunk.
While her family brought her up in the Andorian tradition of worshipping Uzaveh the Infinite, Tarsi is a lapsed believer and professes herself to be atheist, citing the existence of the Borg as clear evidence for the lack of any kind of benevolent, omnipotent being.

She enjoys listening to Andorian Blues music.
Languages Spoken Andorii (native), English (fluent), Greater Andorii (basic), Graalek (written language; basic)

Character History

Personal History Tarsi was born on the planet Andor, in the Andoria system, to Tira ch'Enis and Grathaa th'Enis, and Shoni sh'Enis and Bryni zh'Enis. Like most Andorians, any conflicts with the Borg will have a very personal element to them – due to the Borg decimation of the Andorian populace in 2381 – and this can cause Tarsi to act in a tactically reckless manner in such encounters.

Her Chada, Tira, served in the Andorian Imperial Guard, while her Thadu, Grathaa, was a security officer in Starfleet. Both encouraged her to a career of military service, though they left the choice of which military entirely up to her. Ultimately, Tarsi elected to join Starfleet as she felt it would allow her to see more of the galaxy and offer a wider variety of experiences than the Imperial Guard.

Tarsi joined Starfleet Academy in 2377, a month before her 17th birthday, and chose to pursue the Tactical-Command path
Service Record • 2377-2381: Starfleet Academy, Cadet, graduating with the rank of Ensign
• 2381-2383: USS Atabeira, Junior Tactical Officer, serving under Capt. Sonoda, with the rank of Ensign
• 2383-2385: USS Atabeira, Tactical Officer, serving under Capt. Sonoda, with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade

Player Background

Previous Experience Video game RPGs and casual RP only.

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