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Lieutenant T'sa

Name T'sa

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 61

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 139 lbs
Hair Color Dark Umber
Eye Color Dark Chocolate Brown
Physical Description T'sa has the typical slim Vulcan physique. She has light dark skin. She possesses an athletic build. Her face, when resting looks inquisitive and calm. Her brows are in the typical arch, though she does not possess the common Vulcan hairstyle. It is slightly curled, evidence of her human ancestors, short like a typical Vulcan hairstyle would be. Her ears are flat and keep to the sides her head. She wears a traditional Vulcan veil. There are slits on the side for her ears to come out of. It covers her hair completely while revealing some of her forehead as well.


Significant Other Dr. Jillolk
Children Isung (Daughter, 15)
Father V'lil
Mother Dr. T'Shane

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'sa is a generally patient person, being a Mother and a Diplomat, it is an acquired skill. She prefers to know as much as she can about a situation before acting on it, especially in high-stress situations.

If whenever possible she will keep others out of her personal situations, believing it to be a sign of her lack of capability if she can't handle it on her own.
Strengths & Weaknesses T'sa is always organized and prepared, keeping her personal feelings separate from her work.
She is a social person, working well with others who are intelligent and professional.
She bottles up feelings and opinions in favor of staying neutral, which can often cause her internal turmoil.
Ambitions T'sa's wants lay in advancement. Her career, her life, her knowledge, her experiences. It was one of the reasons she enlisted in Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests T'sa practices with a ka'athyra, a Vulcan lute. She appreciates the mathematics involved with creating a perfectly structured musical composition.

Character History

Personal History T'sa was born on Vulcan, to a half-Vulcan mother and a Vulcan father, V'lil and T'Shane. She grew up in a home of scientists and doctors, always with the expectation that she would follow one of her parent's careers. As a child, she, unfortunately, inherited the human traits that had skipped over her mother. She had curled hair and a soft face, two obvious markers of her human heritage.

In her young teens, T'sa discovered her passion for diplomacy and politics. She traveled with her father to Earth, on a visit to a scientific conference. At the same conference, one of her father's old associates was in attendance, The captain of a diplomatic vessel, Sybeck. He was the one that taught T'sa the basics and helped her pursue her career in diplomacy.

As a young adult, she attended an academy on Vulcan, majoring in Politics and Inter-species Relations. She and a few others were selected to attend and participate in formal debates behalf of the academy. Eventually, with enough of an education under her wing, she worked as a diplomatic aid to Sybeck, who had then become a full-fledged ambassador of the Vulcan people.

In her forties, T'sa found herself at a loss. She no longer felt fulfilled in her duties. Sybeck, like anyone close enough to her, could sense her turmoil even though she had never admitted to it. He recommended her skills to Starfleet Academy, and she received an invitation to the academy entrance exams within the month. She passed the academy exams, with the equivalent of a months worth of study having gone into it. She majored in Diplomacy, staying at the top of her class due to her real-world experience.

After her graduation, She took up a position as Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer aboard the U.S.S Tamara for 5 years.

at 49 she suffered an early and entirely unexpected Pon-Farr, due to the rare complications space travel can cause for the Pon-Farr internal clock. She returned to Vulcan and married her Husband, Jillolk, the man that she had been bound to as a child, and him to her. She had a daughter, Isung, and decided to stay on Vulcan for a short while.

Again, When she returned she served as an Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer before she applied to the U.S.S Sentinal for a position as Chief Diplomatic Officer.
Service Record 3 years attending Star Fleet Academy - Major in Diplomacy
4 years on board the U.S.S Tamara - Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer


1 year on board the U.S.S Tamara - Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

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