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Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter

Name Simon Hunter

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 21
Birthplace London

Physical Appearance

Height 5Ft 7"
Weight 180Lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color Green


Father John Hunter (deceased)
Mother Joan Hunter (deceased)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses His man strength is that he is willing to work with anyone and believes that we all are still learning.
Ambitions His main ambition is to sit in the big Chair one day when he has learnt what it is to be a leader
Languages Spoken Federation Standard

Character History

Personal History Personal History
Simon was born on 2367 to John & Joan Hunter at the family home London where he went he grew up amidst his father’s political ambitions as an aide to the president of the federation. During that time Simon saw the responsibility of security and knew that was what he wanted to do.

During his teenage years Simon concentrated on his exams and during breaks practiced his archery and his swimming to keep fit, whilst doing this his father noticed that he might be good for Security or Engineering.

Upon his 18th birthday his father had asked an admiral in Starfleet, who had been a family friend to sponsor Simon for the academy, it was after year 1 Simon made his choice and entered the Engineering Corps.

It was in 2384 halfway through his first semester, Simon's combadge started to chirp, and every time he tapped the small golden object, he found that it would not stop, At one stage he decided that it was enough and went to find someone to help him. as he did so the beeping sound got faster and faster till he reached a deserted part of the campus where he met a Mystery man.

He was informed that he now had a secondary course of Intelligence as he had shown that he could solve things quickly and that it was something that Intel looked for, Smart reliable and quick thinkers and that he showed Promise for the type of work. as well as he was learning his engineering skills, he had to learn his skills as a intel Officer on the side without anyone knowing.

In 2387 Just Months before he got his Cadet cruse, Simon heard that both his mother & father had died in a freak accident involving shuttle near the golden gate bridge, with the investigation still pending, Simon carried on after the funeral taking his spot on the USS Palmer.

In his grief, Simon hadn’t had anyone to talk to and had shunned his classmates, Until Maria McMahon entered his life and helped him come to terms with his loss, but to him he was even on the verge of quitting the Academy when Maria got him to think of how his father would feel if he quit.

In 2388 Simon was assigned to the USS Kunami as a Operations Officer when the Engineering slots were taken and accepted the position, Now on first tour of duty Simon has a lot to live up to , but still not got over his grief and will not talk about it, He is still committed to the promise and make his father proud of him.
Service Record Star fleet academy:
2383-2384 Cadet Years 1 Basic training
2384-2385 Cadet Years 2 engineering training
2385-2386 Cadet Year 3 OPS protocols
2386-2387 Cadet Year 4 advanced warp theory
2387-2388 Cadet Cruise: USS Palmer

Starfleet Service record:
2387-2388 Cadet Cruise USS Palmer

Player Background

Previous Experience USS Liberty (Tango fleet)
USS Saturn (Tango fleet)
USS Bismarck (Sixth fleet)
USS Ranger Theta fleet)
USS Gladiator (Pegasus fleet 2 years+)
USS Galiaio (Pegasus fleet)
USS Tomcat (Pegasus fleet)

Duty Information