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Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil

Name Merlar R'heil

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 30
Birthdate 2359
Birthplace Cait

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 110
Hair Color brown
Eye Color green
Skin Color brown
Physical Description Merlar is a full Caitian, she's 5'8, at 110lbs, her Caitian heritage is not one
to be messed with. She Just wants to be the best as she can.


Significant Other n/a
Children N/A
Father Tomar R'heil
Mother Mer'lar R'heil
Brother(s) Tobar R'heil, Motak R'heil
Sister(s) Te'shara R'heil, Ke'mar R'heil
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Merlar is a get-go kitty and likes to have fun if it's with Starfleet or at home at Cait having fun with friends. Shes Very easy to get along with. Unless shes messed with then all hell breaks loose.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS -- Mer'lar likes to work out Caitian style,and been Star fleet Excerizes.

WEAKNESS -- When she plays certain games on the holodeck,and dont do the game right
Ambitions Mer'Lars only ambition is to be the first Caitian Commanding officer in Starfleet.
And lear n to play Holodeck games right
Hobbies & Interests Merlar's hobby is playing holodeck games, alone or with other Starfleet personnel. Her Main Interest is making new friends with Starfleet officers, and learn to get along with them outside her species.
Languages Spoken Federation standard with Caitian slurs in between speaking human words

Character History

Personal History Merlar R'heil was born on Cait in 2359 to Tomar and Mer'lar R'heil into a growing family. As a child, she was often in trouble. Her cousins, the children of pirates, often led her astray and she was in trouble many times for petty crimes like stealing, minor vandalism, nuisance making and general troublemaking.

From the young age of 12, Merlar and her sister Te'shara spent a lot of time aboard her cousins family's pirate ship, the SS Kaittan. Although a child, she assisted in various activities aboard ship, learning about the art of piracy. This continued through much of her childhood and adolescence until age 15, when her parents, concerned sent both her and her sister to a Starfleet "boot camp." A preparatory school for troubled children intended to get them on the right track for entry into Starfleet Academy.

At the preparatory school, located on Mars, Merlar and Te'shara initially had a hard time adjusting. They rebelled, resisting her instructors and tried to abscond multiple times. Eventually, Merlar came around and began to enjoy the school and by the time she graduated she had her eyes set on a career in Starfleet. Leaving her younger sister Te'shara behind was difficult, but necessary.

Merlar entered Starfleet Academy in 2377 with a letter of recommendation from the principal of the preparatory school. Her first year was difficult because she found it hard to make friends, but as time passed she found other Caitains and formed a small group. Her experiences aboard pirate vessels helped her in her studies and she excelled in security and tactical. She graduated with a good grade in 2381.

Her first assignment was the USS Wisconsin, an Intrepid Class explorer, where she served as a junior security and tactical officer for several years. In 2385, the Wisconsin was involved in the Omega Antares Sector, where it was heavily damaged. After escaping the clutches of the Borg and rescuing several officers using her inherent cat-like skills, Merlar was awarded the Starfleet Award for Valor and the Starfleet Decoration for Galantry and promoted to Lieutenant Junior Class.

The Wisconsin, heavily damaged in the encounter, was towed to Providence Fleet Yards in the Beta Geminorum System. Most of her crew were reassigned, including Merlar. She was transferred to the Starfleet Operations Center on Pollux IV where she served for four years.

In 2389, after serving several years on Pollux IV, she was transferred to the USS Sentinel as Assistant Chief of Tactical/Security.
Service Record 2381-2385 USS Wisconsin ENS Junior sec/tac officer.
2385 - Awarded Starfleet Award for Valor
2385 - Awarded Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry
2385-2389 Pollux IV Starfleet Operations Center LTJ sec/tac officer.
2389-Current USS Sentinel LTJ asst chief sec/tac

Player Background

Previous Experience I've role played with Starfleet in UCIP for a long while(Gotten kicked out twice for the soap opera stories ,and backing up my friends in UCIP)

Duty Information

Quarters 3B22
Data Access Alpha 4
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Beta